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Our Core Services

We provide Onshore and Offshore solutions, Ship Spares, Rigging Equipment, Safety Equipment & Food Provisions

NB: This Catalogue is just for representation purposes. Feel free to quote for any item you require even if not found in this catalogue.

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Marine & Offshore supply

  • Provisions supplies; fresh, dry and frozen stores of all kind
  • Bonded stores: liquors and tobacco products, from the world’s best brands
  • Fuel and Engine oils supply
  • Medical supplies
  • Paint & Chemical supply
  • Cabin, deck and engine stores
  • Electrical & Navigation equipments
  • Fire, rescue and safety equipment’s
  • Tools and workshop equipment
  • Cleaning and upgrading of ventilation systems
  • Marine Charts, Flags, Admirality Publications & Logbooks

Transportation Recreational Tourism

  • Flight Scheduling & Transportation Services
  • Urban Waterfront Taxi Services
  • Boater Water Taxi Service
  • Coastal Excursions

Marine Services

  • Crew changing ; Hotel & Flight Reservations, Boat & Vehicle transportation.
  • Garbage Skip and Collection
  • Sludge collection
  • Tank, Deck & Engine room Cleaning
  • Service and certification of safety relief valves
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Carpentry, Welding and refurbishment of accommodation areas
  • Ship Repairs
  • Supply and Installation of Tire Fenders for Anchorage
  • Refrigeration and HVAC: installations, repairs and service
  • Standby jobs: provision of general and specialized labor onboard and offshore.

Knowledge of spare parts

  • Genuine or alternative parts according to ISSA or IMPA Codes
  • Professional sourcing and procurement
  • Local knowledge of suppliers with specialized staff


CLMS provides Passenger and leisure boats to individual and corporate clients in Cameroon, including touring models passenger boats and paddle boats.

The simple boat ride encompasses the romance of travel and we see the world as it slowly passes us by. Traveling by boat allows us to enjoy the journey at a slower pace, to experience the local culture and take in our surroundings, and to feel like we belong, even if just for a short time. Locals use this form of transport to visit the city to collect provisions, cargo, livestock, and pretty much anything else you can think of while Schools use our boats for academic tours as an opportunity to learn about the river wildlife and to witness aquatic animals in their natural environment. Our listed boat trip providers can organize a suitable boat trip to meet most educational needs, or simply arrange a leisurely experience for students & visitors to enjoy.

From coastal excursions to urban waterfront transportation, our TRT boat business can provide valuable connections to destinations and experiences on the water. Our TRT services include:

1. Flight Scheduling & Transportation Services

With over five airlines in Cameroon, we can schedule and book flights in advance for Crew members and passengers to any desired location. Also, we have Speed boats to transport materials/People “Crew members” to any destination and vehicles available to pick-up & drop-off passengers at the airport or to drop-off at any desired location.

2. Flight Scheduling & Transportation Services

a) Water taxi services includes; Scheduled water taxi services, Group transportation, Special event transportation

b) Sightseeing opportunities includes ; Riverfront tours, Dinner or sunset cruises, Waterfront cruises, Historic landmark tours, Nature tours, School Academic tours

3. Boater Water Taxi Service

Waterfront destinations like restaurants or shopping districts may be more easily accessible by water than by land. Boaters on a mooring may use this opportunity for accessing land for provisions.

4. Coastal Excursions

Coastal excursions may include; Snorkeling, Fishing trips, Scenic tours, Sunset cruises

Boat Leisure & Recreation

Scenic tours, Dinner & Sunset Cruises, Fishing trips, Nature tours